Mandiant Web Historian

Web Historian is a free software from Mandiant Corporation. Web Historian parses history files from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.


Web Historian can scan the local system, exported profiles or individual history files as input. The parsed output can be categorized into:

  • Web history
  • Cookie history
  • Download history
  • Form history
  • Thumbnails

Also check out the pre-defined filters for each category tab. They are very useful if you need to examine the entries. For example, the “redirect” filter can help you to display entries of redirect URLs.


In term of reporting, Web History can output reports in HTML, CSV or XML format.

Web Historian also has an built-in analytic tools for creating diagrams and analysis graphics. One of the analytical tool that I particularly like is “Daily Timeline” which can output daily web activity into a timeline chart.


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One thought on “Mandiant Web Historian

  1. David- thanks for taking a look at Web Historian! Just wanted to let you (and any of your readers) know that if you have any questions or issues with Web Historian to be sure and visit the Mandiant forums at The developers will see it and respond.

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