Apple Mail Forensics

Apple Mail is an email program included in Mac OS X operating system. Like other mail client, Apple Mail support POP3, IMAP and Exchange 2007 accounts.Some mailboxes are added such as ‘To Do’, ‘Notes’ and ‘RSS mailboxes’.

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Default Locations

Apple Mail’s artifacts are stored in the following default location:

  • Default Location: ~/Library/Mail/
  • Mail Box: ~/Library/Mail/[Mail Box]/
  • RSS Feeds: ~/Library/Mail/RSS/
  • Configurations: ~/Library/Preferences/

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Information about mail delivery configurations can be found in ‘DeliveryAccounts’. My analysis revealed on my Gmail account revealed that it contained information to:

  • SMTP mail server hostname
  • Mail server port number
  • Authentication
  • Username of mail account

A more detailed information of the configured mailbox can be found under ‘MailAccounts’. Each ‘item’ listed are the configured respectively email accounts by the users. The graphic below is the configured mailbox for my Gmail account. From here, we can derive:

  • AccountName: The name of the mailbox displayed in Apple Mail
  • AccountPath: path where the messages are stored
  • AccountType: IMAP or SMTP
  • DateOfLastSync: timestamp of the last synchronisation
  • Mail server hostname
  • FullUserNAme: Name used

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Messages Analysis

Email messages are stored in ~/Library/Mail/[Mail Box]/Messages. Each email message is individually stored as a file. Each message file is numbered and has a file extension “emlx”. The corresponding email attachments may be stored separately in the ~/Library/Mail/[Mail Box]/Messages/Attachments” folder. For example, the attachments of “1649.emlx” is located at “Attachment/1649/” folder.

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Recovery and Examination

  1. To perform a recovery and examination, I have to export the mailboxes from “~/Library/Mail/” and the configuration file from “~/Library/Preferences/”.
  2. Set up a new user account on the examiner’s MAC system.
  3. You can then copy the Mail folder and in the respective locations.
  4. All you need to do now is to open Apple Mail and you can read the email messages as what your suspect’s see

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