Event Logs Explorer

Event Log Explorer is a software from FSPro Labs for analysing event logs of Microsoft Windows operating systems. The software is free for personal (non-commercial) use. License can be purchased for commercial use. Please refer to Eventlogxp.com for full description and features. And also refer to my disclaimer.

Event Logs can be imported into Event Logs Explorer, open up the event logs on the local computer or remote computer.

Event Logs Explorer displays logs in table format. Details of the event logs are displayed in the Description pane. Event Logs Explorer is useful for most basic analysis work task such as sorting, filtering and colour-coding event logs in its viewer.

Filtering is relatively to use. You can just right-click on the item you want to filter and the context menu display the selection based on the column.

More advance filtering is also available by selecting “Filter…” in the context menu.

The software also provides for options to look up event logs description which is very useful since majority cannot remember all the eventid represent.

In term of presentation, Event Logs Explorer display the respective logs file in separate tab or you can choose to merge all logs into a single table.

In term of exporting logs file for examination report, you can export/print the entire logs or selection. Logs file can be exported to text, HTML, Excel or Excel 2007 format. For more features, you can navigate to Eventlogxp.com.



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